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Welcome to College Bowl Pick' Em 2009


  • February 2nd
  • January 8th
    • With Alabama’s National Championship win last night Bowl Pick Em is sadly over for another year.

      Congratulations to Nate Davenport who takes home the prize this year with a record breaking performance of 23 wins. Very impressive.

      While you may not have enjoyed it as much as Nate, I hope you have enjoyed it nonetheless. We always get good feedback on how much people enjoy this competition and the attention they pay to all these great games. Have a great year and we hope to see you next time.

      We do have a couple deadbeats left, please pay now if you haven’t (you should know who you are as I have sent separate emails) or risk incurring my ever living enmity for making us track you down.

      LT & Brad & Wes

  • January 6th
    • Congrats to Nate Davenport! With Iowa's win last night he opened up a two game lead and as he shares one game with both Jake and Ryan (who are two games back) he has this thing clinched. Great work Nate. Believe it or not, Nate claims he went the opposite of what his gut told him, it has worked out.

  • New Years Day (3:16 pm)
    • What a great Auburn Northwestern game, I hope you all caught that

  • New Years Day (early)
    • Happy New Years to all and good luck, five games today

  • December 31st (early)
    • And a happy New Year to everyone.
    • Prior to todays games, we have a serious bunching at the top of the standings. We now have six people tied for first, nine one game back, and another nineteen two games back
    • All in all 60 people now within four games and everyone but Chad East within six games of the lead with lots to go. Really amazing to see 45 people within three games and easy striking distance of the lead

  • December 28th
    • Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope everyone is having a good holiday season
    • After losing his first game, Nate Davenport has won nine games in a row and is our first sole leader.
    • It is, of course, still wide open, with 47 people within four games and 58 within six

  • December 19th
    • With seventy entries this year the prize is $5,250, a new high. Best of luck.

      Just as importantly, we have a great slate of football games to follow and enjoy.

      We will not bother you with emails during the contest, but there is a wealth of information (46 people picked Rutgers, for example, and are looking to notch an early win) on the home page, plus updates that we hope will add to your enjoyment. All the picks are up for everyone to look at, as well as standings, how many people picked what teams (report package, Tournament Results), and much more.

      Happy Holidays to all.

      LT & Brad & Wes

  • December 12th
    • Welcome to College Bowl Pick Em 2009, our ninth bowl season. For those of you that have participated in years past welcome back. For newcomers, this is a great event and I know you will enjoy it. There is no better way to become intimately involved in all the games. People often talk about the meaning of the season around this time of year......and I am pretty sure they mean College Bowl Season.
    • There are 34 bowl games this year, however, like last year we are only playing 32. We have looked at several different formats/websites and none allowed us to run the contest in the same manner as we have in the past (specifically the weighted favorites, which we believe is a superior method for choosing a champion). We are not using the first game (Fresno Vs Wyoming) or the Eagtlebank (Temple vs UCLA) games.
    • Pick 32 Bowl Games against the spread plus the tiebreak of your top 5 best bets and predicted score of the Championship Game. You will get 5 points for your 1st best bet, 4 pts for your 2nd, 3 for your 3rd, and so on down to 1 pt for your 5th. In the event of a tie, the person with the most points wins. If still tied, closest score wins.
    • You will be able to track your standings daily on this website. The first game is the St. Petersburg Bowl on Saturday December 19th at 8:00 pm EST. That is the deadline for joining and payment should be submitted upon completing your entry.
    • The fee is $75 (or less than $3 per game, which netted the winner last year $3,300) is payable to: [email protected] via paypal ($78 using Paypal) with a debit or credit card. Or you can send a check snail mail to Bradley Cohen: 516 S. Highland Ave. Apt. #31 Pittsburgh, PA 15206. If you use Paypal make sure you make the subject line something innocuous such as 'ski trip payment' or something. I got in trouble a couple years ago.
    • You can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.
    • A quick note on corrections. Once you have made your picks online you can not make changes. However, if you need to change a pick you made, email me the details at [email protected] before the deadline (No changes allowed after that) and I can make the change.

    Past Champions

  • Updated Archives (thanks to wes)
  • Below is a graph of the growth of the pool. Blue is total entries on the left axis, the red line is % growth on the right axis.

  • Historical Notes
    • New Archives, thanks to Wes
    • Records/Stats:
      1) Wes Battle has tied for 1st twice (2001, 2005) and placed 2nd once (2003) without a victory: he is the all times wins leader.
      2) For those that have played at least 3 years, Mark Gander leads in Average Wins per season (18.0)-Tania Harrick 2nd at 17.5.
      3) Chris Williams is a two-time winner with $6,000 and your Money Leader.
      4) Through 2008, the Bowl Poll has been contested by 119 players.
      5) 6 players have competed in every bowl poll (8 years) Battle, McBride, C. Harrick, LT, B. Cohen and M. Shaker
      6) Doug Cohen owns the distinction for getting last THREE TIMES, including twice in back-to-back seasons (2003-2004)
      7) Lincoln Gaffney went from first to worst in 2004-2003
      8) 45 of 67 participants in 2007 had competed before. 22 were newcomers.
      9) In 2008, 41 of 44 participants had played before-only 3 newcomers.
      10) The average Winner picks 67% of the games correctly.
      11) 3 out of 8 years, the Champion has been decided by the tiebreak-your 5 Best Bets.
      12) Linoln Gaffney had the best single year in 2004, winning 79% !!! Or 22 of 28 games.
      13) Doug Cohen had the worst single year in 2004, winnning 25% or 7 of 28 games.

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