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January 5th

  • Congrats to Rob Hasell. Good work. It was quite a competition, with three people tied for first. Hassell won by scoring 12 points in the tiebreak to 9 for Wes and 6 for Nick. This was the closest one we have had yet, and the lowest winning score in several years. Those of you who have not sent in your money, please please send it as soon as possible. It is no fun to chase people.
  • $75 is payable to: [email protected] via paypal ($78 using Paypal) with a debit or credit card. Or you can send a check snail mail to Bradley Cohen: 516 S. Highland Ave. Apt. #31 Pittsburgh, PA 15206

January 4th

  • I believe we have a winner in Rob Hassell by tiebreak over Wes Battle (and Nick Smetana if Texas wins). I am waiting verification from Brad.

January 2nd

  • After the Ohio State/ND game I believe we have some clarity, although this is by no means official. There are three players who can mathematically lead or tie for the most points. Hassell and Wes, who are currently tied for first with sixteen wins, and Nick Smetana, with fifteen points. Wes and Rob have the same exact same three remaining picks (Georgia, FSU, USC) thus if they tie they go to tiebreak. Currently Rob has twelve points and Wes has nine. Wes could realize three more points if georgia wins, but Rob has Georgia as his fifth pick, thus giving him a one point lead in that scenario. So Wes is out. Now, to Nick. Nick has the exact opposite picks from Rob (and Wes), giving him a win if all three win (W Virginia, PSU, Texas). He could tie in total games if he wins two out of three, but right now he only scores six in the tiebreak, so two out of three is not going to cut it, he needs all three. With West Virginia kicking the poo out of Georgia, looks like he might have one down, two to go.
  • Scenarios are now being posted.
  • Crap call in the Iowa-Florida game.

January 1st

  • New Years day and no college football. It just does not feel right. Move the NFL to saturday i say. We have a new leader in Rob Hassell, alone in first with thirteen wins. There are still twelve people within three points.

December 31st

  • Three are tied for the lead at 11 points

December 28th

  • It has been a ridiculous set of games of late. I am sure there are a lot of very happy, and an equally amount of miserable people, on either side of the Nevada-Central Florida Game. The Memphis-Akron game? Just shocking for Memphis fans.
  • All this leaves Chad East in sole posession of first, with an impressive eight wins, one push, and no losses. Despite that impressive record there still four people one game back at seven, and five more at six wins.

December 23rd

  • Four people remain undefeated, good work. One person has yet to win a game. I have changed the report format a bit, so red is a loss, blue a win, and black means yet to play. I have also added in the spreads, so they should show on your player picks sheet. I have also (hopefully) fixed the mover loser so that it gives us a daily change stat.

December 22nd

  • Two games down and only eight picked them both right. everyone is, obviously, still within striking distance. Two games tonight.

December 20th

  • Game is on. Good luck and thanks for playing. We have thirty eight competitors this year, which means the grand prize is $2,850.

December 7th

  • Pick all 28 Bowl Games against the spread. Each game counts for one point. The first tiebreak is your top 5 best bets and second tiebreak is the predicted total score of the Rose Bowl. You will get 5 points for your 1st best bet, 4 pts for your 2nd….and 1 pt for your 5th. In the event of a tie, the person with the most points wins. If still tied, closest total score predicted in the Rose Bowl wins.
  • The fee is $75 (or less than $3 per game, which netted the winner last year about $2,300) is payable to: [email protected] via paypal ($78 using Paypal) with a debit or credit card. Or you can send a check snail mail to Bradley Cohen: 516 S. Highland Ave. Apt. #31 Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • You will be able to track your standings daily on this website. The first game is the New Orleans Bowl on Tuesday night December 20th at 8:00 pm EST. That is the deadline for joining and payment should be submitted upon completing your entry.


  • A quick note on corrections. Once you have made your picks online you can not make changes. However, if you need to change a pick you made, email me the details at [email protected] before the deadline (No changes allowed after that) and I can make the change.

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