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Straight on to New Years

January 3rd

The Williams. Seventeen wins takes it.

January 2nd

Going into the Orange Bowl tonight The Williams and Kyle Hoyle are tied for the lead with fifteen wins each. Doug Cohen, Harrick, Veeder, Greissing, and Brad Cohen all have fourteen wins. The fact that Williams and Hoyle have OSU picked makes things interesting.

  Orange Fiesta Wins
Williams USC OSU 15
Hoyle Iowa OSU 15
D Cohen Iowa OSU 14
Harrick USC Miami 14
Veeder Iowa OSU 14
Greissing USC Miami 14
B Cohen Iowa Miami 14


December 28th

Standings updated, but nothing else.

I may not be able to update this site for the next two days. My apologies.

December 27th

BC, Pittsburgh win. Harrick and Veeder reclaim possesion of the lead.

THE BIRD gets his first correct pick.

December 26th

From here on in the action is pretty much non stop with two games tomorrow and three the next day. I believe there is only one day without any games between now and the third of January.

Last night both Harrick and Veeder picked Hawaii incorrectly (GO GREEN WAVE!!). Therefore no one is left with a perfect record, Peter Gaillot moves up to take a share of the lead, and twenty three of the twenty six contestants are still within two games of the lead.

While no one is perfect at the top, one person continues to realize utter imperfection. Good work bird in going 0 fer 5.

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