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Welcome to College Bowl Pick' Em 2006

January 9th

  • Congratulations again to Chris Williams. Twenty Two wins and 69% is a high standard. Thank you to everyone who played, I hope you enjoyed yourself and hope you will be back next year. Thanks especially to everyone for paying so promptly. That makes everything run very smoothly. We only have two or three delinquents to chase down this year.....
  • Stats updated Here, thanks to Wes

January 6th

  • We have an early winner!! With two games remaining Chris Williams has a three game lead. Congrats to Chris, the first ever two time winner. So far he has an impressive 70% winning percentage.

January 4th

  • With three games to play Williams is maintaining his two game lead. It looks like Brad Cohen, distinguished founder of this event, is the only other one with a chance

January 3rd

  • Chris Williams now has a two game lead with four to go. Looks like he will be hard to catch.

January 2nd

  • Chris Williams has taken the lead on his Boise pick
  • Please note that scenarios are now available

January 1st

  • With six games still to play we have two leaders at seventeen points, Jeff Kowalczyk and Chris Williams. There are still three players lurking one back and another three two back.

December 29th

  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Etc. I hope everyone had a good one. We are now ten days in and for the first time have a standalone leader in Dave Caldwell at eleven games out of twelve possible. Impressive. He is getting pressed hard though as there are still 23 people within three points. Today is moving day with five games.
  • Some of you have not yet paid. Please do so

December 19th

  • Welcome to College Bowl Pick Em 2006. There are fifty four players this year and that means you have each essentially purchased a lottery ticket worth $4,050 with a one in fifty four chance in winning. That is great, good luck.

    As always all the information you need is found at www.hltiv.com. You can go direct at http://www.hltiv.com/turbo/cf06/default.htm. There is a lot of good information and the website will be updated daily.

    For those of you that have played before Wes Battle has been diligent enough to provide some historical stats available below. For the newcomers, I hope you will see how this is a longstanding and fun event, with lots of player loyalty.


    Payment. Interestingly enough Paypal has managed to detect that we are running an office pool event and they are not completely pleased. While it is entirely possible a Paypal agent is lurking in my bushes as we speak, I believe they picked up on this based on the subject line of payments sent, so if you plan on paying by Paypal please make the payment as innocuous as possible (like "For LT" or something). Thank you for those that have already paid, if you have not paid please do so. I will be sending out reminders shortly.

    Again, good luck! It is going to be fun.

    LT & Wes & Brad

December 14th

December 11th

  • Welcome to College Bowl Pick Em 2006. For those of you that have participated in years poast welcome back. For newcomers, this is a great event and I know you will enjoy it. There is no better way to become intimitely involved in all the games. People often talk about the meaning of the season around this time of year......and I am pretty sure they mean College Bowl Season.
  • Pick all 32 Bowl Games against the spread plus the tiebreak of your top 5 best bets and predicted score of the Championship Game. You will get 5 points for your 1st best bet, 4 pts for your 2nd.and 1 pt for your 5th. In the event of a tie, the person with the most points wins. If still tied, closest score wins.
  • You will be able to track your standings daily on this website. The first game is the San Diego Credit Union Poinsetta Bowl on Tuesday night December 19th at 8:00 pm EST. That is the deadline for joining and payment should be submitted upon completing your entry. One last note, if there is a tie game (due to the spread, also known as a push) that counts as a loss as far as the picking of best bets.
  • The fee is $75 (or less than $3 per game, which netted the winner last year $2,850) is payable to: [email protected] via paypal ($78 using Paypal) with a debit or credit card. Or you can send a check snail mail to Bradley Cohen: 516 S. Highland Ave. Apt. #31 Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • You can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.
  • A quick note on corrections. Once you have made your picks online you can not make changes. However, if you need to change a pick you made, email me the details at [email protected] before the deadline (No changes allowed after that) and I can make the change.

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