2004 Tournament
College Bowl Games
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Pick all 28 Bowl Games against the spread plus the tiebreak of your top 5 best bets and predicted score of the Orange Bowl. You will get 5 points for your 1st best bet, 4 pts for your 2nd�.and 1 pt for your 5th. In the event of a tie, the person with the most points wins. If still tied, closest score wins.

The fee is $75 (or less than $3 per game, which netted the winner last year about $2,000) is payable to: [email protected] via paypal ($78 using Paypal) with a debit or credit card. Or you can send a check snail mail to Bradley Cohen: 516 S. Highland Ave. Apt. #31 Pittsburgh, PA 15206

You will be able to track your standings daily on this website. The first game is the New Orleans Bowl on Tuesday night at 7:30 pm EST. That is the deadline for joining and payment should be submitted upon completing your entry.